Featured Projects


Flashcards web app, similar to Anki. Written with React and Python. Code available on Github. Check out the public instance.


Command-line SubRip file (.srt) editor written in Python. Available on my Gitea, Github and on PyPi.


Offline REST API, written in Rust, for the Wiktionary project’s database, serving inflections of most words from the following languages:

Also includes a web user interface. Based on the “wiktextract” Python script and relying on kaikki.org.

It is not yet ready but usable, though there is no streamlined installation process. You can find the repository on my Gitea or Github. There's a demo available here.


Bash scripts for installing my setup of Arch and Artix Linux. Available on my Gitea or Github.


Simple static website generator, written in Python, for note taking, where the source files are written in LaTeX. The repository is on my Gitea and on my Github


Compiler and assembler of the Jack programming language, for the Hack computer architecture. Written in C.

This is the project of the Nand2Tetris course and is available on my Gitea and on Github.